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When God told Nicholas M. Muteti to take the gospel to his Massai-tribe enemies, the young man set out to obey. Soon two Maasai warriors, dressed for battle, charged toward him with spears, clubs, and long swords. In SEGREGATION IN CHURCHES you'll learn what Nicholas did to survive, how God blessed him for his obedience, and the result of his work in fostering reconciliation between sworn enemies. In his native country, Dr. Nicholas M. Muteti saw how building strong relationships with other people, even those we don't agree with, can help us achieve success in life. When he came to America to study for the ministry, he was astonished to discover that 11:00 a.m on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in our nation. He believes that this unnatural division is the reason many Americans struggle with failure in life and ministry. In this book you will discover: The benefits of fellowshipping with other Christians and joining forces to advance God's Kingdom. How to build a strong relationship with anyone, even your worst enemy How to approach nonbelievers and lead them to Christ The role diversity plays in building strong, healthy churches How to abolish segregation in Churches Division in the body of Christ prevents us from worshiping and serving together, but God has provided the answer. When we pull together in love and harmony, regardless of ethnic background or the color of our skin, we can defeat an enemy that has paralyzed our churches for far too long. Ending segregation in Churches will allow Christians to become the powerful, unified force that the world needs today.

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