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When there is a conflict in the family, the head of the household calls a family meeting to sort things out for the sake of peace and unity in the family. The last couple months or so, we as SBC family have been having different issues that need to be addressed. One which is really hit home in my heart is the CP-Cooperative program. This program supports all our IMB Missionaries who are risking their life to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all people groups on earth. When some of our family members decide to not give to this great program, it’s troubling. And it’s also disappointing.Whatever happened, one should not stand to withhold the funds that truly supports our Missionary brothers and sisters in the International Missions. We are one family that believe in Great Commission- Matthew 28:19-20. We should not be discouraged. This is the time that we need to be one family to defeat the enemy who is attacking God’s Mission work. I am pleading with my fellow Pastor and brother in Christ Dr. Jack Graham and Prestonwood Baptist Church members to pray and make a decision to get back on board and support the Cooperative Program. Withdrawing their financial support from God’s work which saves Millions and Millions of lost people around the World is not good. What would Jesus tell them? I believe with all my heart that, He would tell these brothers and sisters in Christ to be obedient and give their share to support His Ministry so that our Missionaries can persist on telling lost people groups on earth about the love of Jesus. We don’t want to see anyone of us to feel disrespected or unwanted in building God’s Kingdom. When I am on the Campus of our great SEBTS Institution in Wake Forest North Carolina, I am greeted by our students holding a sign written- I AM GOING TO SERVE GOD IN-----! The commitment of our Seminary Students who answered the call to serve King Jesus is also supported by our Cooperative Program. Taking away the funds that helps these dear brothers and sisters in Christ for their ministry training is disappointing. We are all one family and when one of us is hurting, we are all hurting. Different opinions should be always welcome in any discussion and no one should take it personal. Well, I understand that some of us may have been upset with Dr. Moore, but I think he has apologized. We need to accept the apology, forgive him and move on. And we have to agree to disagree. Sometimes Theologically and or Philosophically! Water and Oil cannot mix together and make one compound liquid substance. True Gospel of Jesus Christ and Politics can cause bumpy road sometimes and result to some conflict. But, the Gospel is God’s Breathe and must always win the debate. When the scripture speak, God speaks. We must always know that we have been called to preach the truth of God’s word and not compromise it. Keruzo tov logov o theos- Preach the Word of God! Compromising the word of God to please anyone is sin. As Bible believing people, we stand truthfully in the Word of God. When conflict arises, we should still love one another-( John 15:12- - This is My Commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.) My prayer is that as all believers say, and this too shall pass. As a body of believers in SBC, we should stand together to win this lost World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May God bless us and unite us to serve Him with all our hearts.

Dr. Nicholas M. Muteti, Senior Pastor Forestville BC, Professor Apex School of Theology, North Carolina

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