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For many years, people have wondered why there is a white and a black Church in the United States of America. This has shocked many Christians that has come to this great Nation. Some of these people were led to Christ by Southern Baptist Missionaries serving God overseas. None of them have ever mentioned to them about the crippling divisiveness of Racism that has brought more segregation in the local Church in the 21st Century.

This week in Phoenix ARIZONA, the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention was highly attended by Pastors, Youth Pastors, Missionaries, Lay people all send by their local Southern Baptist Churches across the Nation. It has always been the best place to hear all the best well written and delivered Expository Sermons from the best Pastors and Theologians of all time.

The Southern Baptists are Bible believing people. They stand for the authoritative Word of God. Being part of a great Bible believing Denomination like this is a great blessing. But sometimes it can be frustrating. And especially when you experience the Pain that has been caused by this monster we call RACISM which has crippled our Churches for far too long. We take care of God’s business when we meet each year. But, this year came a big challenge to all the messengers when the motion was placed by a Texas Pastor. Dwight Mckissick to denounce the Alt-Right Movement group. This Anti-Gospel Alt-Right White Supremacy group has been very vocal against diversity equality in Race groups. And so did we all wanted to know where our Southern Baptist Convention denomination stands on this issue of Racism.

It was a drama that will linger in our hearts for the longest we can ever imagine. As all the details of how to bring this motion back to the messengers without violating our annual meeting Resolution Policies, the issue brought much tension between the Young Gene-X and the Old Generation Pastors and Messengers. Let the truth be told. The vote was cast to allow the motion brought back to denounce this group. Shockingly, no one would thought Christians can be in the Church and still in their hearts stand to support the views of the Alt-Right White Supremacy group. No one saw it coming when the vote was complete and results announced which messengers needed 2/3 majority to approve it. It failed!! When 41% decided to not want the issue brought back to the floor for denouncing the hate group. The 56% said we want it done because it violates the scripture. Acts 17:26 teaches that,” From one man-God has made every nationality to live over the whole earth and has determined their appointed times and the boundaries of where they live”. All in Vain, the vote was less than 2/3 simple majority!! Why!! What Would Jesus Do??.

I believe Jesus has already reminded all of us that believe in Him that, when He died on the Cross, He died and Rose the third day for People of All Race! There is Only one Race- Human Race. It is to our understanding that, Revelation 5:9 proclaims that Jesus Christ bought by His blood believers from every tribe and language and people and nation. As die hard Southern Baptist Minister all my life who has stood for Christ work all over the World, served with many Southern Baptist Missionaries oversees, I was ashamed and offended by the brethren who opposed the issue with 41%!!. Even though the young Gene-X Pastors pushed the issue supported by some other Older Pastors through the social media, still it was painful for all of us who are black and other minority groups. How can we call ourselves Bible believing people? Yet in our hearts we still have Racism and Hate against our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who don’t look like us?

It really grieves God to see this happening in the local Church in the 21st century. It’s time for Christians to come out of the shadow and be for real in supporting Diversity in the local Church. Praise God for mobilization by the young Pastors to have this monster called Racism denounced. The following day, the vote was brought on the floor for another try at 2:45 PM which we all called it the Moment of Truth for Unanimous vote to denounce this Alt-Right White Supremacy group. And sure we delivered the vote with flying colors! Glory to King Jesus! We are all God’s created people and family. We should embrace each other and love one another. Uniting the Church, the Community, the World and All people with God’s Love is the key to win the lost World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I see a person, I don’t see his or her skin color as an issue to me. I see another human being, a brother or a sister in Christ.

For those who still feel like the black community are not human beings created equal by God, they need to reconsider their relationship with God. It is he who wears the shoe knows where the shoe pinches. If you are white, you may not know the pain a black person feels when he or she is belittled by a white person. We are all privileged God’s created people. There is NO SUPERIOR RACE THAN THE OTHER. All are created equal. We can serve, Worship, live together as God’s Children. Let’s lead by example as we strive to be engaged in Cross-Cultural Evangelism in our communities to Win this lost World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Team work is all what God has called us to become in serving Him with joy regardless of color of one’s skin! RACISM WE VOTED YOU OUT OF GOD’S CHURCH AND OUT OF OUR LIVES FOREVER! TO GOD BE THE GLORY TILL JESUS COMES BACK TO TAKE US TO HEAVEN: THE SECURE ETERNAL HOME!

Dr. Nicholas M. Muteti, Senior Pastor Forestville BC, Professor Apex School of Theology, Author, Cross-Cultural Evangelism Consultant, Slave Servant of God, North Carolina

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